My Six Year Old Flirt

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Scene: Coming out of the grocery store there is a handsome man standing on the sidewalk talking to a friend.

Alexis: (Looking at the man, blinking and then and giving him the best sweet grin you've ever seen.)

Dude: (Gives Alexis one of those melt the earth type of grins that only those drop dead gorgeous guys, who know they're handsome as sin, can do.)

Alexis: (In a loud voice): Mom he's hot!

Me: Alexis!

Dude: (Cracks up laughing and winks at her.)

Alexis: Well he is!

Me: Don't say people are hot when they can hear you!

Alexis: But Moooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm, he's cute!

Me: (Shaking my head as she and the dude keep grinning at each other.)

Can you imagine her teenage years? I don't think I want to! ;oP

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Yep. You're in big trouble when she's old enough for the flirting to be mutual and in earnest.

Oh the things I have to look forward to! ;oP

That is absolutely hysterical!

Looking back now it was funny. At the time I wanted a big hole to swallow me whole! She's a laugh riot that kid I tell you! ;oP

oh dear! you're going to have your hands full :P

Oh yes! She's a handful already! ;oP

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