Painted Lady Butterfly Garden

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Painted Lady Butterfly

Alexis got a "butterfly garden" for her birthday. You got the "garden" and then sent off for the caterpillars. This was our big science project for the summer. They ship 5 and guarantee that at least 3 of them will become butterflies. Lex got lucky and all five made it!

We decided to release 3 of them and keep two to see if they'll lay eggs. Today we let three of them go! All of the butterflies that came out of the "garden" were more than happy to sit on Alexis' finger while they acclimated to being outside and this suited her just fine!

Painted Lady Butterfly

Who says science isn't fun? ;oP

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what a fun summer science project! Those are beautiful butterflies :)

That is so cool! What a great gift!

It's been fun! And the ones we released will most likely lay eggs and make more baby butterflies to help out the ecosystem.

Alexis saw the garden and wanted one, so we made it a birthday present. She loves science experiments (so my child!) so it was a gift she wanted, with an educational experience all rolled into one. You can't get any better than that!

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