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This is the recipe that Alexis wrote for her bear:

Nut Berry Honey:
2 cups of honey
4 cups of berries
5 cups of nuts
10 cups of milk
1 egg
8 cups of strawberries
11 cups of grapes
16 cups of salmon
2 cups of peanut butter
100 cups of salt
99 cups of pepper
30 cups of bread

She doesn't say what to do with this mixture, but what a list!

Poor bear! ;oP

She amuses me!

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HA! HA! HA! HA! I'm laughing so hard! That is way too adorable! HA! HA! I love to laugh!

She's so my child! Creating "recipes" already!

Actually she made a salad today by herself that I was rather impressed with...Cherry tomatoes from the garden, black olives and red beans. Didn't look half bad!

Actually, those (mostly) sound like things that a bear would really like! :)
Very nice.

I thought she had a very nice combo there...For a bear anyway! Of course that is an AWFUL lot of salt and pepper! ;oP

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