The Deer Are Eating My Apples!

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Scene: I'm cleaning up the kitchen and look out the window to see a deer munching on apples from the lower branches of our apple tree.

Me: Alexis there is a deer eating my apples. Do you want to see him before I scare him off?

Lex: (Excited) Sure!

(Lex looks at the deer and he looks back at her still muching apples.)

Me: OK, get ready because I'm going to scare him.

(I start to open the patio door and the deer takes off up into the woods up the side of the mountain. As long as we were just standing on the other side of the door looking at him he was perfectly content to just stand there and stare at us. Opening the door was another thing all together!)

Me: There! Now he won't eat anymore of my apples, for a few minutes anyway.

Lex: (In a very school marmish voice) Moooommmmm! Those are not your apples! Those are nature's apples and they are there so deer and other creatures will have something to eat!

Me: (Amused) Is that so?

Lex: (Exasperated) Yes!

Me: Well I don't see it that way.

Lex: (Helpfully) Maybe you should look at it differently.

My child the philosopher! ;oP

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