What Are Your Top 5 reasons to Organize a Get Together?


*This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals Cheese Crisps.

Baked Naturals Cheese Crisps


I love crackers. There is something very satisfying about their crunchy goodness. For those of you who have known me for a while, you also know that I prefer things that are natural, versus those that are not. It's hard to find crackers that are natural that taste good, but that is not the case with these crisps! Both the Baked Naturals Four Cheese Crisps and the Four Cheese Italian Herb Crisps both taste fabulous and if you read the ingredients on the box there isn't anything there that you haven't seen before. They are fresh, crunchy and have just the right kick.

The Baked Naturals crisps actually take a basic cracker to a whole new level. Each type of crisp has real cheese, that is actually visible, baked on top. The Herb variety also has beautiful little bits of herbs on each crisp too. Both varieties have a crisp, cheesy flavor and the herbs add a nice little pop that almost reminded me of pizza. Either variety would be great served along with dips, vegetables, cheeses or fruit at your next get together. These crisps take crackers and make them an adult snack to relish.

I really enjoyed both varieties, but I think my favorite were the Baked Naturals Four Cheese Crisps. They were just the perfect cheesy little bite! They are fabulous for snacking, your next party, or even for cooking! You know I'm all about finding new things to use in my kitchen.

Natural, preservative-free snacks, made with an artisan blend of real cheeses golden baked to bubbly perfection on top of a thin, crispy, crunchy cracker. Four Cheese is made with Aged Cheddar, Asiago, Romano and Parmesan, while Italian Herb is seasoned with flavorful herbs and spices.

Flavors: Four Cheese:


And Four Cheese Italian Herb:


Real Taste, Real Crunch, Real Goodness
Naturally, the best things in life are real.


Now I'm curious...How do you celebrate? When do you get together? What do you serve and who do you invite? Give me your top five reasons and you could win a $100 Visa Gift Card! Who couldn't use one of those?

So how do you enter? And what are the rules? Let's take a look at that now!

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And now I'm going share an appetizer recipe with you using Baked Naturals Cheese Crisps to help you get your party started! How do some stuffed mushrooms sound?

Take a look at the stuffed mushrooms below and if you're interested in other recipes please visit my food blog Dianne's Dishes.


What You'll Need for the Stuffed Mushrooms:
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1/2 a red onion, finely chopped
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1 - 16 ounce package of frozen spinach, thawed and drained well
1/2 teaspoon of sea salt
1/2 teaspoon of finely ground black pepper
1 - 3.5 ounce container of crumbled goats cheese
1/3 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
2 large packages of button mushrooms, stems removed
1/2 package of Baked Naturals Four Cheese or Four Cheese Italian Herb Crisps, crushed

Preheat oven to 400 F.

In a large pan sauté onion until caramelized (about 5-10 minutes):


Add garlic and cook for an additional minute. Add spinach, sea salt, black pepper, goat cheese and Parmesan and stir until cheese mostly melts:


Remove spinach mixture from heat and set aside for a moment.

Place the crackers into your food processor and process until crushed. If you don't have a food processor you can do this step by placing them in a plastic bag and whacking them with a rolling pin. It's sort of fun, trust me!

And now the fun part...Putting them together!

Remove stems from your mushrooms and place them in a baking dish:


The stems usually just pop right out. If you find one that won't, gently use a knife and remove them. (Note: You can reserve the stems to make mushroom broth later.)

Place a dollop of the spinach/cheese mixture in the center of the mushroom:


And then top with a bit of the crushed crisps:


(Note: I used the Baked Naturals Four Cheese Crisps, but either variety will work.)

Repeat process until all the mushrooms are filled. Bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown:


Serve immediately.

Notes: You can make the filling ahead of time and store it in the fridge for a day or two before making the stuffed mushrooms. If you have any filling left you can also use it as a dip. If you have crisp crumbs left over you can store them in an airtight container and use them as you would bread crumbs. The mushrooms can even be frozen after they are baked by placing them on a baking sheet and then freezing for 3 or 4 hours. Then they can be removed to an airtight container and frozen for several months. To reheat place them on a baking sheet and place in the oven at 400 for about 10-12 minutes.


1.Movie night
2.Game Night
3.Family night
4.Reason to make yummy food night
5. Come over and visit me night

1. Connect with extended family we see so little of with our hectic schedules
2. Birthday celebrations
3. Keep my kids & their friends close, having them over allows me to see where their heads are
4. Post sports celebrations, whether celebrating a win or commiserating
5. Life is too short & we don't spend enough quality time with friends- tweeting & emailing & writing on someones wall is really not the way relationships are strengthened!

1. To celebrate a birthday
2. To celebrate a holiday
3. Get together with friends, just because
4. Bunko! Girls night out!
5. Family movie night

1. New episodes of "True Blood" or "Supernatural"
2. Housewarming for post-college friends in their first place
3. Summer picnic
4. Halloweeeeeeeen
5. Birthdays that aren't mine

1. St. Patrick's Day cheese & beer night with crackers and Irish butter.
2. Fourth of July with corn on the cob and hamburgers
3. My birthday with cake and ice cream
4. Taking kids swimming followed by pizza for everyone!
5. Staying close to a young family by taking carry out to their house.

Celebrating a birthday
Celebrating a holiday
Baby/wedding showers
Girls’ Night
Having family over that I haven’t seen in a while

Drink good wine
Eat good cheese
Show off good recipes
Have good conversation
Excuse to clean the house

1. Birthdays
2. Girls' Night
3. Holidays
4. New home
5. Show off something new!

1. Holidays
2. Birthdays
3. Get together with friends for an evening
4. Special occasions - graduations, baptisms
5. Family reunion

1) Baby shower
2) Watching Glee!
3) Poker night (ours is girls only!)
4) Book club
5) Old friends in town for the weekend

Top 5 reasons to host a get-together:

1. My birthday next week
2. Welcome new baby
3. Halloween party
4. Fall Harvest party
5. Thanksgiving celebration


1. Back to school party
2. Halloween party
3. Mom's Club party
4. Baby shower
5. Bridal shower

1. Birthdays
2. Holidays
3. Bridal Shower
4. Baby Shower
5. Just to relax with good friends
Love Pepperidge Farm and can't wait to serve
this yummy product at my next get together! These crisps would go so well with my famous dip!

1. Holidays
2. Birthdays
3. Football
4. Devotionals
5. To watch our favorite shows


1) Birthdays
2) Cookouts
3) friends in town
4) Holidays
5) Summer

1. Friends
2. Family
3. Playing cards
4. Beer Tasting
5. Wine!

1. I like hosting rather than attending
2. To get to know my childrens friends
3. I get to show off my new house decor
4. To try new dishes
5. To the the girls together on a Friday night


1) Football games
2) Birthdays
3) Celebrating goals
4) Fantastic gourmet recipes
5) Just to get out of the house!

1. Birthday
2. Holiday
3. Race Day
4. Movie Night
5. Just because you're here

1. College Football
2. Birthdays
3. Holidays
4. Just to be around people
5. Good food

1. Birthday parties
2. Game night
3. Getting to know new friends
4. Reconnecting with old friends
5. Family gatherings

top 5 reasons for hosting a get-together:
1. birthdays
2. holiday parties
3. ladies' Bible study
4. family reunion
5. just to catch up with friends - tea party!!

1. family game night
2. Birthdays and holliday
3. fun with friends
4. girls night out
5. just cause

1. I love to cook
2. I love to try new recipes
3. I love to have people over
4. I love to see friends reactions to the new recipes.
5. It is fun!

1. To see family members again
2. To indulge in the wonderful food all my friends can cook :)
3. Silly weekly TV shows
4. Birthdays
5. Holidays

Honestly, this has been one of the hardest years of my life. In the last few months I've had to deal with my husband having a heart attack and emergency surgery, my first dog (my "daughter" because I can't have kids)dying from liver cancer, and yesterday finding out I will be a 5th grade teacher instead of a 1st grade teacher because of budget cuts and my low seniority. I reread what I've written, and it sounds like I feel sorry for myself (OK - sometimes I do) but overall:

(1) I have a husband and three other dogs to live for...

(2) I am so glad that I have a job...

(3) I will make a difference in these 5th graders lives with our monthly field trips and our garden (www.transitpeople.org).

(4) People care about us. All of our neighbors came by to say goodbye to Keiko, and I felt very overwhelmed and underprepared. I should have had snacks for them. I grew up in Iowa, and every summer when we visited my grandparents in Chicago, we always had Pepperidge Farms and Sara Lee products to feast on. I remember looking forward to visiting my grandparents after working so hard in the corn and bean fields every summer. My grandma was such an excellent hostess, and food was such a major part of my life.

(5) I drive quite a way to work daily, and hearing the world events (war, nuclear this and that, etc., etc) on the radio could potentially put a damper over my day. I feel that we must celebrate who we are, what we have, and what we can look forward to with friends and family. I make an effort to celebrate life as much as possible.

Just because I have some free time
Sharing a favorite meal
Someones birthday
To catch up on life
Because we need encouragement

1. Monthly Gourmet Club dinners
2. Southern Sistahs (girls group)
3. 4th of July at our house -fireworks over the lake
4. I cook dinner at my house for friends' birthdays
5. Definetly Christimas parties

1. To see friends
2. To see family
3. Sharing a meal is fun!
4. To brag about baking my first ever (edible) pie.
5. Superbowl!

1. Book club
2. Friday afternoon
3. Football
4. Birthdays
5. Holidays

3.Girls Night Out
4.Neighborhood Block Parties
5.Football Games

1. Birthdays
2. Relatives/friends visiting from out of town
3. Christmas party
4. Movie/TV show viewing
5. Bible study

I'm not big on entertaining but those mushrooms make me want to have a party! They look delicious -- you're pretty creative -- I wouldn't have thought of using crackers for a topping like that. Yum!
If I were going to entertain it would be:
Book Club
Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday)
Out of town guests

1. Cocktails
2. Wine & cheese
3. An opportunity to test new recipes
4. Gossip Fest
5. Family Game Night

1) Family gathering
2) Holidays
3) Birthdays
4) Movie Night
5) Girls Night

My top 5 reasons to organize a get-together

Christmas Eve- All families are coming from all over the world.
Birthdays- Great occasions to eat away!
Thanksgiving celebration
Game days
New Years Eves

1. Book club
2. Watching episodes of Glee with friends
3. Watching an episode of True Blood with friends
4. Movie Night
5. Holidays

1) Birthdays
2) Holidays
3) Visiting with other parents
4) A big game on TV
5) Making a special night for family

1. This is a great way to have carbo's with style. Fun to do with my daughter right after school with veggies and a little tart dressing if we feel like it.
2. Driving in the car for a four hour journey. Pack the crackers and seltzer water and take a walk half way there instead of sitting like a grump in an overcrowded restaurant. It's good to stretch your mind and legs. Let's do it with style!
3. Well now somedays I am just lazy and 4 or 5 crackers and some sliced meat and tomatoes make a nice lunch. Don't forget the iced water.
4.There is nothing better than a good nosh with your best friend. When we get together, you know what I'll be serving.
5. And then there are the nights when everyone in the family just wants to goof off and watch tv. Let's have a goof off night for mom too and get your own goodies. We will laugh and snack and get back to work tomorrow. Honest!

My 5 reasons to get together which I love doing often and I am so glad I did. I called everyone up to have Sunday dinner and even during the week to have a party! I have pictures of my 22 year old son that I lost in March
and my Mom that I lost in Aug.We only have today,we have to cook anyway so we all should try to make another happy. I have so many wonderful memories!

1.)Because its Sunday
3.)Xmas and Easter
5.) Mothers and Fathers Day
Its so important to enjoy a good meal,laugh and take plenty of pictures!

1. To get to know neighbors
2. To introduce family and friends to one another
3. To celebrate holidays and other special
4. To try out new recipes
5. To host purely social occasions, like a book
club meeting

1. To watch our Dodgers.
2. To watch our Steelers.
3. To celebrate "anything" with family.
4. To host a "meet the new neighbors" (we're the new neighbors).
5. To gather with girlfriends and do craft projects.

1.) Family reunions, mother's side, father's side, cousins, aunts, uncles, babies everywhere.
2.) Baby showers for friends, family, co-workers.
3.) New wines to explore from local vineyards.
4.) Book club meetings.
5.) DVD movie marathon Fridays: Heros, Chuck, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scary Movies, et. al.

1.Movie night

2.Game night

3.Friends and Family night

4.Lazy night

5.All nighter night

1) Football games!
2) Wine & cheese parties
3) For a low-key friends visiting type of night
4) Extending birthday celebrations
5) Just for fun!

1.) Movie night
2.) Book club
3.) Birthday parties
4.) Baseball games
5.) Just because!

My top 5 are :
1.Thanksgiving with friends-the day after turkey day
2.Halloween-a great opportunity for fun food
3.Christmas- I like to get-together the whole month long
4.Girls day out/in-gives me a chance to make food for more sophisticated palates
5. Birthdays

1. grey's anatomy night
2. the good wife night
3. football night
4. i'm bored and want to get together night
5. girl's slumber party night

1-Girls Night Out!
2-Family Parties
4-Sunday Bears Games
5-Dinner Parties

My top 5 reason for having a get togethers are:

1) Play group with my daughter & her friends
2) Mommy Group!
3) Family get togethers
4) Celebrations
5) Holidays

Great Giveaway!

1- I want to show off my amazing guacamole to my friends. (If I do say so myself.)

2- I want my disparate groups of friends to meet.

3- I just finished an intense book-writing process that kept me secluded for months and it's time to celebrate.

4- Halloween / Dia De Los Muertos Party!

5- Just because. Do we really need a reason to see friends and family?


1 - it's more fun than screaming to be heard in a bar.

2 - a good reason to try new recipes!

3 - it's always fun to get together

4 - I can drink wine to my heart's content and not drive

5 - a good reason to buy snack foods :)

1). A wine and cheese (cracker) tasting
2). try out new recipes
3). An excuse to eat appetizers for dinner
4). Good conversation
5). to watch a new DVD

1) Last day of summer
2) First day of fall
3) Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
4) Valentine's Day
5) End of semester school party

1) Get to know your neighbors
2) Get to know your kid’s friends and their parents
3) Returning a dinner invitation
4) Holidays
5) Milestones

My top 5 reasons for organizing a get-together:

1. Watching the Dallas Cowboys play
2. Celebrate the leaves changing colors
3. First snow showers
4. Trying out new recipes
5. No particular reason at all!


Top 5 reasons:

1. My apartment is actually clean!

2. I'm in the mood to cook

3. Celebrate!

4. I've had a crappy week and I need friends to
make me laugh

5. I've had a great week and I want to make it
even better.

1. Hockey match
2. Soup potluck on Sundays
3. Pre-concert hors d'oeuvres
4. Knitting party
5. Book club

1. Family
2. Potlucks
4. Book club
5. Odyssey of the Mind meeting

1. Test new recipes
2. Game night
3. Family get-together
4. Holidays
5. Birthdays

1. Halloween
2. New kitchen toy
3. Summer solstice
4. Winter holiday parties
5. Anyone’s Birthday

1. enjoying while watching my favorite love story movie
2. snacking on while watching my grandkids play soccer.
3. topping for shepard's pie
4. cruch for salad
5. enjoying with olives while reading

friends. family, holidays, birthdays and just because!

1) Having the kids friends at my house
2) Knitting get-together with fellow knitting addicts
3) Football
4) Birthdays
5) Open House on New Year’s Eve

4.Christmas eve

1. When a friend has a los and needs cheering up.

2. Holidays, no matter which one, a reason to eat.

3. trying out some new recipes.

4. Having a demo, of any kind.

5. Summertime , by th pool, or at night out in the starry night.

We get together with friends for
1) Dominos
2) A charity event (we all ride Harleys and there are lots of events that raise money for good causes).
3) Baking Cookies for a cookie walk at our church. The whole family gets into this and we have a great time.
4) Bowling on Sunday evenings and dinner afterwords with friends and family
5) Wine tasting at the local wineries.

Top five reasons to get together?
1. Birthdays!
2. Celebrate new jobs, marriages, births, anything!
3. Kid-free time.
4. Trying a new recipe and I need guinea pigs. Uh, I mean tasters. :)
5. I got a grocery store gift card and I spent it on wine and cheese. Come on over!

1. We find a new bad yet hilarious movie we want to share with friends
2. Anybodies birthday at all
3. A need to play some board games with friends.
4. I find a few new recipes I want some guinea pigs for
5. Patriots are playing (or Seahawks, we kinda root for different teams in this household!)

My top 5 reasons to host a get together:
1. Gossip Girl Mondays
2. Project Runway Thursdays
3. Work is over! Fridays
4. Any holidays (Columbus Day, Arbor Day… it doesn’t matter!)
5. Cleveland Cavs games (that’s more for the BF and his friends though)

1 - To try the stuffed mushrooms!
2 - To try out new recipies.
3 - To get caught up with friends.
4 - Have a few drinks.
5 - Laugh.

1) As an excuse to catch up with old friends

2) As a way to encourage new friendships

3) To enjoy new dishes people bring

4) To get a workout laughing

5) To play games!

1. wine night
2. game night
3. cookie making night
4. pot luck night
5. movie night


1] Family Board Game night
2] Football Sunday
3] Dinner get-to-gether
4] Ice cream social
5] Crafting together

We have so many reasons to host get togethers right now:

1. Housewarming Party (My boyfriend’s buying his first place- he signs today!)
2. Pumpkin Carving Party
3. Tree Trimming Party (with my annual traditional German dinner)
4. Football!!
5. Game Nights – especially now that it’s getting chilly, we’ll have a lot of these.

1. Family gatherings (I love family gatherings!)

2. Fun with friends

3. Business meetings made more casual by being held at home.

4. Birthday parties!

5. Neighborhood supper club meetings!!

My top 5 reasons are:

1. Card night with friends
2. Girlfriend get together
3. Football game
4. Sunday dinner with family and
5. Summertime cookouts.

1. football games
2. family game nights
3. cook-out
4. family/friends in town
5. Movie Night

Top 5 reasons to get together

1) Birthdays
2) football
3) weddings
4) baby showers
5) Christmas party

1. ladies prayer group
2. movie night at home
3. Mom's day out for girlfriends
4. exercise group
5. Spanish class at home for church

1) To celebrate an event (bithday, anniversary)
2) To celebrate a Holiday
3) to see friends and family
4) FOr work reasons
5) Just to have fun

My top 5 reasons to get together:
1. Football
2. Thanksgiving
3. Christmas
4. Bon fires
5. Summer BBQ

mattschmunk at hotmail dot com

Football, Girls night, House warming party, Game night, Holidays :)

1. Small groups
2. Holidays
3. Card night
4. Girls night!
5. FRIDAY!!!

Chevre on toasted pita!

1. Holidays
2. Birthdays
3. Javier Mendoza Show (javiermendoza.com)
4. XXXXXX Party (tupperware, jewelry, candle, etc)
5. Just because!

1. Pre-concert gatherings.
2. Grey’s Anatomy Night.
3. To play Wii.
4. One word – cocktails!
5. Poker party.

Thanks so much for the opportunity! My top 5 would be the Mother Daughter Xmas party that my daughter and her 8 friends and their moms do each year, watching a Husker Football game, Thanksgiving brunch at my in-laws small country home, having friends over for a game night, and lastly my churches annual potluck!

Top 5 Reason's to Party:

1) Holiday parties with the family
2) Season premier of favorite show party
3) Birthdays always celebrate with a party
4) Game night with the girls
5) Halloween costume party.

1) birthdays
3)mom night out
4) family movie night
5) for no good reason at all!

Who needs a reason? But I'll try.

1.) Birthdays
2.) Holidays
3.) Anniversary Party
4.) Girls Night
5.) Sports Night.

Christmas party with friends/coworkers
New Year's party
Superbowl party
Get together to play board games
4th of July party
"I just want to have a party" party

1. bible study
2. movie night
3. study group
4. football nights
5. fam/friends get together

1 & 2 I love to try new recipes and i need feed back when I do
3Its just plain fun
4.Good reason to clean the house
5.Did I mention the food??

To be honest, ANY excuse to get together is a good one!! :) But I guess I’ll go with event planning (baby shower, for example), birthday celebration (there are a bunch of us, both family, friends, and extended family, so there’s always a birthday to celebrate), bunco night (oh yeah, that’s a ton o’ fun), watching a chick flick with just the girls (and having margaritas or daquiris or bloody marys), and watching sports (GO MEMPHIS TIGERS!!).

It's a nice day out
Who needs a reason?

My top 5 reasons to organize a getogether:

1. birthday – and in a big family it is always someone’s birthday
2. sporting events – world series, super bowl, my son’s soccer game…
3. to reconnect with old friends or connect with new friends
4. to celebrate that fact that you won a contest and have $100 to spend
5. to celebrate that fact that you made it through another week of work

2.Seeing friends who live far away and make that once a year trip
3. Jesus' B-day (We even bake a cake in his honor)
4. Easter
5. Bible studies

1. Halloween (inspired by this past weekend perhaps)
2. Birthday
3. Movie Night
4. Other holiday
5. Reunion with my high school friends :)

Top 5 Reasons to Organize a Get-Together:
1. Family member's or friend's birthdays
2. Any type of "congratulations" (i.e. engagement, new job, etc.)
3. Holiday celebrations
4. Super Bowl party
5. The Best is "JUST BECAUSE"!!!

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