RIP Archimedes

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Merlin and Archimedes

When I went to clean the hamster's cage today I found that one of them (Archimedes) had gone to the big hamster heaven in the sky. Lex took this as you would expect a 7 year old to take this sort of thing, which is not well at all. We buried him under the apple tree in the backyard and then she cried for a while. Such is the life of a hamster I suppose. I'm not sure when he died. I saw him yesterday afternoon running about the cage.

Merlin is still here. I'm hoping that Archimedes passed away from hamster old age. If she were to lose the other one back to back with the first one, well I'm not sure that would go over well at all. Time will tell I suppose.

Rest in peace little hamster dude. (Alexis totally made me say that! ;oP)

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