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Happy Place: Late Season Roses

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Late Season Roses

Late Season Roses

Late Season Roses

Late Season Roses

I've gotten several e-mails and DMs on Twitter asking why I wasn't recapping True Blood episodes this season (Feel free to comment guys! ;oP) so I thought I'd give you an idea of why you probably don't want me to!

Warning: From This Point On Spoilers For The Show So Far This Season And The Books!

First off I have to say I do NOT like where Alan Ball has taken the show in general. He took a story that I was very emotionally invested in, having read and loved all the books, and totally bastardized not only the story, but some of the characters themselves! There are some things I like that he has added and we'll get to that in a minute and then I'll tell you everything I think he has done wrong. You may be sorry you asked! ;oP

First let me say this is a brilliant cast. Rarely do you see so many talented actors/actresses on one show. They take what they are given and more than do it justice. I can't think of a single one of the actors or actresses on the show that haven't done a good job with what they are given. You can't fault the quality of the acting.

OK...What he has done right in terms of additions and characters. Jessica. Seriously that is a fabulous character! And making Bill her maker, I'll just say that was brilliant. The way Bill and Jessica have bonded this season, I like that. It works. I also like Hoyt and Jessica together. They are cute.

The next thing he did right was Lafayette. In the books he is a very minor character who dies at the end of the first book, but in the show he is so fabulous! Nelsan Ellis plays that role to a tee! He's good and I can't wait to see him in other things. Lafayette's one liners and quips are just great! And I love the relationship between he and Tara, who have sort of been thrown out to the wind, and though family end up more like friends. That is well played.

Speaking of Tara, that was also a good change. She also is more of minor character in the books, but Rutina Wesley has taken that character and just made her so much more. She's good, the change from the book is good. I like it. I also like her with Sam. That change I don't mind.

Alcide is also better on the show as far as I'm concerned. Joe Manganiello has taken a character I didn't care that much for in the books and turned him in to someone I really like on the show. I can relate to him and I never felt a connection to that character in the books. I'm glad he's going to be a permanent cast member for season four, which we'll discuss in a bit.

And lastly the change I like was the character of Franklin Mott, which is a very, very minor character in the books. James Frain took that character and made him so deliciously psychotic that I hated to see him die! That texting scene? Brilliant! Also how he seemed so insanely sincere about his feeling for Tara and how she reacted to him was just priceless!

Now let's talk about what bothers me...A LOT!

First let me say that I realize when a story is adapted, whether to the big screen, or the small, that some things change. That is just how it is as much as I might hate it, but fundamentally changing a character is not ever something that someone should do! We'll talk more about that below.

First, I have only one thought about Holly: She's too old! The character in the book is a young woman.

Moving on....

Now let's talk about this character shift Sam has gone on the past few episodes. Sam a thief and a murderer? Um no! Sam is the loyal, good guy, friend that you can always depend on. Every girl has one of those, and even if there are some feelings there, the friendship is still strong. Sam yelling and throwing everyone out of his bar? Wouldn't happen! Shooting that guy and girl? No! Stealing jewels? Hell no! I don't like this turn of the show at all! That really, really bothered me.

Then let's address Ball's Comic Con statement of Bill and Sookie being soulmates? WTF? Bill was Sookie's first love, but he betrayed her in such a big way that there is no way they can move past that. I've said it before, I'll say it again, Bill (in the books) has grown on me. I didn't like him at first, I was on Team Eric from the minute Eric Northman came on to the page, but in the past few books I've started to like him...Just not with Sookie!

I'm not sure where Charlaine Harris is headed with Sookie and Eric, and there was a bit of foreshadowing that I am hoping I'm misreading at the end of the last book in terms of Eric and Sookie, but regardless I don't think Bill and Sookie are anywhere close to soulmates! I'm not sure what books he read, but he didn't read the ones I did! I think people are confusing Anna and Stephen, who are really great together in the real world, and Bill and Sookie, who are two entirely different "people".

Also the character of Russell has been completely destroyed. I'm not even sure how that happened, but wow...And not in a good way! Though I will admit the scene a few episodes ago when Russell goes crazy on live TV and takes out the anchor, rants and then turns it over to Tiffany for the weather was really fabulous! In the books Russell is a background character. He appears in a couple of the books, but he isn't so, what's the word I want to use? Evil. And there is absolutely no basis for the story with Russell killing Eric's parents, though Dennis O'Hare and Alexander Skarsgård have done really great with the animosity between them.

And Pam. I love that character both in the books and in the show. Kristin Bauer van Straten is really great with that character. But in the books Pam and Sookie are somewhat almost friends. In the last book she and Sookie do have a conversation about how Sookie makes Eric weak because of his feelings for her, but then a few minutes later they end up in a fight to the death with two vampires and they work together flawlessly. Later in the same book Pam tells Sookie she's her "favorite breather". In the books Sookie states several times that she is fond of Pam and that Pam is as close as she has to a friend in the vampire world. Ball seems to want to make them enemies. I don't like that. Pam is loyal to Eric, but Sookie is in her own way too. They make a formidable team.

Also Ball consistently seems to be driving a wedge between Eric and Sookie. At this point in the books Bill was pretty much out of the picture. Sookie couldn't handle him running off with Lorena because he lied to her and Sookie takes honesty very seriously. This is when Eric began to become more in to the picture, because as he says he may not tell her everything, but what he does tell her is true. It's Eric not Bill. Eric saved Sookie from Long Shadow in book one, not Bill. Eric takes the bullet for her in Dallas (which they sort of did in the show), not Bill. Bill ran off and didn't come back and Sookie made her way back to Bon Temps alone. Not with Bill.

Eric comes to Sookie for help finding Bill in the beginning of the 3rd book and sends her to Jackson in the care of Alcide and Eric pops up more than once while she is there and again when Sookie falls in to trouble and gets staked at Club Dead. He goes with her to Russell's mansion, he stays with her, he gives her blood to make her better and ends up driving her to back to Bon Temps when Bill basically attacks Sookie in the trunk of a car that Debbie Pelt pushes her in to. (I guess they sort of got that part right with the show.) And Sookie and Bill do NOT have sex after that point in the books. No. No. No!

And now the character of Eric, which is my favorite character in the books, and perhaps one of my favorite characters of all time. I really like Alexander Skarsgård. He's intense, he's talented and he takes what he is given and plays it so, so well. And let's face it he's beautiful, but that's just an added bonus and not the whole deal. What's not to like about a tall, handsome Scandinavian man? But if the man isn't talented then it's all a moot point, and Alexander definitely has the acting chops to back up the character. The essense of Eric he plays perfectly. The brooding, dark, handsome vampire, he has down to a tee. But Alan Ball seems to want to make Eric evil and Eric is not inherently evil. Don't get me wrong, Eric is the big bad vampire and he'd kill in a second if he had to save himself, to save Sookie, to save Pam, but he would never do or say some of the things that Ball has had him do this season. He wouldn't have left Sookie on her own at Russell's, he wouldn't have locked her up in the basement. That's not Eric.

Eric would have figured a way to get Sookie out. Although I guess he did send a message through Hadley for her not to trust Bill, but that doesn't really get her out of the crazy house. And this last episode in a way I guess you could construe it that he was saving Sookie by leading Russell out in to the sun to die thus making it so he couldn't take Sookie, even though he and Russell both drank from her to do so. (Which by the way is absolutely insane! Fairy blood doesn't make vampires be able to go out in the sun...It makes them high basically!) We'll have to wait to see how that turns out.

What would I like to see happen tomorrow night? I'd like to see Pam let Bill go, have him or Pam I don't care which give her blood to make her better, and then have Sookie go out in the sun to save Eric. Russell needs to go, but I'd like to see Sookie step in and rescue Eric, which she does in the books in several places too. I want to see the bond between the two of them grow. What will we get? Most likely not that, so who knows.

News from casting coming out for next season already is disturbing. Instead of Hallow being a Were Witch it appears Ball is going to make her a Necromancer. Why? It isn't necessary. Book 4 is one of my favorites in the series, perhaps behind the past two books, especially the last book, which I really liked. I'm not sure I want to see how he destroys that book. I really, really am getting to the point that when I watch the show it makes me angry. I'm not sure tuning in just for the actors anymore is in my best interest. We'll see how I feel come next June, but right now it's not looking so good.

So tomorrow night we'll find out how this is going to end and we'll see what cliff hanger awaits us. I hope (though I don't really expect that it will happen) that it isn't infuriating. I guess we'll see in about 26 hours.

She Cracks Me Up!

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"That's the worst idea in the history of ideas!" Alexis age 7 while playing Wii Lego Indiana Jones with Jamison.

Glad we settled that!

Things I Never Thought I'd Say.....

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"Please stop singing and do your homework."

"But Mom I have to practice so when I become famous I'll sound good!"

*head on desk*

Which part of when she's 18 confuses her?

Blast From The Past

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Ocean Gals

Alexis and me on the beach in Frisco North Carolina circa 2006. There was a hurricane off the coast and the waves were huge. Jamison took this one from the balcony of the beach house we were renting.

I'm going through old pictures today while Alexis works for some reason....

Time For 2nd Grade!

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Ready For 2nd Grade

Today is Lex's first day of 2nd grade. I'm not sure how this time passed so quickly but here we are! My seven year old is in 2nd grade!

Last night I set everything up (as I usually do) so that it would be ready to go this morning. Let the fun begin!

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