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I love fall. It's one of my all time favorite seasons. The cool crisp air, the beautiful leaves that create a canvass of color across the landscape, big pumpkins, steaming apple cider and fresh apples oh my! It's just a really fabulous time of the year!

But you know what I miss?

Flips flops and no shoes! I hate shoes, I'm a barefoot kind of girl and always have been. So now that the weather has grown cooler and it's time to pull out real shoes again I'm not so happy about that part of the season. I have had on real shoes exactly zero times since late April/early May! I slid on flip flops if I was going out and if I was at home I was barefoot.

Now this doesn't make me like Fall any less, the good of the season more than outweighs the bad, and I actually like cold weather much better than hot, which some people think is odd, but I really will miss my flips flops and bare toes!

Don't Forget To Vote!

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If you need more information on polling places and such check out Rock The Vote.

It's not the time to be timid now. Remember if you don't vote then don't complain!

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