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"Stay" By My Friend Allie Larkin

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For a while now I've been very excited to read "Stay" by my friend Allie Larkin. Allie and I "met" a few years ago when we were both contributors to Celeb Cause, which was a website focused on green activities/trends in the celebrity world. We both gave suggestions on finding green products. We stayed in touch after Celeb Cause ended and when Allie formed The Greenists along with Courtney and they asked me to be a food contributor I didn't think twice before I jumped right in!

I was very honored (and surprised!) to receive an advanced copy of Allie's book "Stay" and I began reading as soon as I took it out of the package! This is Allie's fist book and it is heart felt, sweet, moving and an all around good read! I read it in one day and loved every word! Allie's voice is so clear in this story you find yourself slipping right in to Van's shoes without a second thought!

Allie's dog Argo is used on the cover of the book and her other dog Stella joined in on the picture fun too!


To learn more about "Stay" check out Allie's website where you can find an excerpt from the book, a reading guide, a story synopsis and more about Allie and the story!

Also check out the preview!


"Stay" comes out tomorrow (June 10, 2010) so go get a copy! I promise you won't be disappointed! I can't wait for Allie's next book!


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