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Ready For Tomorrow

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The presents are wrapped!

Presents Ready to Go

The tutu is done!


Tomorrow Miss G turns 6!

A few days ago someone I follow on Twitter posted a "no sew" make your own tutu. Last year I tried to make Alexis a tutu, complete with bedazzling, but it ended up looking more like a tulle skirt and less like the glorious tutu I had in my head. When I saw this version I knew I wanted to try and see if I couldn't make something a little better. This definitely fit the bill!

I choose a dark blue and a light blue since blue is Lex's favorite color. I alternated them as I put them on the elastic. I cut the strips at 48 inches so that when doubled over it would be roughly 24 inches.

Cutting Strips for the Tutu

Once I had my strips cut and the elastic measured and put together I was ready to go!

Strips for Tutu

I also used two pieces of tulle on each color as I alternated. Cutting out the strips actually took longer than putting the tutu together itself. Adding the tulle to the elastic took roughly 30 minutes. Cutting the tulle took about 45.

Along with the tutu Alexis is also getting some books, an emperor penguin snow globe (she collects snow globes), a penguin mood ring and a butterfly garden. I will put the presents in her room after she goes to sleep and we'll open them first thing in the morning.

Have I mentioned how it's hard for me to believe that six years have passed?

More tomorrow.

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