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Sentences I Never Thought I'd Say...

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"Rapunzel, keep your hair to yourself!"

I never thought I'd say that in my life time! ;oP

Parenting 101: Libraries

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I'm often shocked by what some people let their kids do in public. This morning Alexis and I went to the library and there were several things that went on that really bugged me!

Number one, the shelves at the library are NOT there to be climbed. If your child is trying to climb, or even succeeding to climb the shelves, then you need to stop them! You are NOT on a playground! What if one of those shelves fell over on them? You've easily got several hundred (if not more!) pounds of books on those shelves, not to mention the heavy shelf itself. Oh and did I mention shelves shouldn't be climbed in the first place? You know back to the it not being a playground and all thing.

Number two, if the librarian asks you to stop your hellion child from climbing aforementioned shelves then don't get all haughty and call her a "bitch" for pointing out something that you should have figured out yourself. She's not being a "bitch", she's trying to keep not only the books on the shelves, but also your child from getting hurt and if I had been her I would have kicked your sorry a$$ out the front door!

Number three, libraries are supposed to be quiet places. Why do people not teach their children to whisper in the library? Alexis and I have been going to the library since she was three and the first thing I told her was "If you're in the library and want to say something please whisper!" and every time we go in I tell her "Remember to whisper!" to which she replies "Mooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm I know that already!" and you know what she does know....Because I taught her!

Number four, books are not toys to be thrown, torn, written in, etc. Who let's their kids do that? Oh right...I saw two mothers today who were letting their kids do all three! I just don't get people!

I know I'm not the only one that feels this way? Why do some people think it's ok for their kids to do whatever the hell they want?? Because you know what? It's not!

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